China’s taste for wine is growing rapidly, and the country is set to become the world’s second largest wine market by 2020, KARASEK Wines see a number of opportunities which will present for both online and offline distribution.

KARASEK Wines has opened a cellar door and warehouse facility in Dongguan, China. The cultural barrier between Australia and China is huge so we have opened our showrooms to offer the true experience and sharing the wine culture.

Our Showroom and Warehouse

Located in Dongguan, China our showroom and warehouse facility is perfectly located for all our warehouse and wine tasting requirements. Boasting enough warehouse space to store over 100 containers of wine and a state of the art tasting room, Karasek Wines is perfectly placed to become a market leader of Australian wine.


China’s wine market is has been growing very fast and by 2020 it will be the will be the second biggest wine consumption market in the world. It is estimated that 70% of wines within the market are fake so consumers need to be very cautious where there supply of wine is coming from. Karasek Wines have begun the process of setting up a franchise business model to offer wine culture and lifestyle while supplying all 100% genuine wines from our Australian winery. Please contact our team to learn more about opportunities to join the team.


Wine trade shows are invaluable platforms for wine brand owners to develop their contact base and build brand recognition, we attend most across China.